About Us

The website exists to help you to succeed in your degree. As I have traveled I have met a number of people who put a great deal of time and money into a doctoral degree but they never finished. These were bright, effective and motivated people yet they failed. Many completed all of their classes but not the dissertation. We want you to succeed and to go all the way.

These people that dropped out talked about their pain, embarrassment and anger from not graduating. Much of the anger had to do with the large sums of money borrowed to pay for tuition; this is debt that still has to be paid back. I have heard that education debt can no longer be removed in bankruptcy.

At first each person tried to make it sound like the failure was no big deal. But you do not have to be a therapist to feel the emotion pouring out of them. This was a big failure from a group of people selected by the university because they were smart, motivated and champions in their areas of expertise. This group did not have a history of losing so why did they fail in this case?

The pattern that emerged from the discussions was that each person was alone in the process. Even a good doctoral committee professor reportedly spent limited time with the students. The doctoral student is expected to be the smartest person in the room but this was a new process for them. Without guidance the students were pulled away from the discipline that served them so well in other areas of education up to this point.

This website is only one of the tools available to you and it does not have all or even most of the answers. It will allow you to connect with other students and to blow off some steam (as long as you do not identify the institution or professor who you are having problems with). You can be bluntly honest but no one wants to hear you attack a specific person or place. After all you may be the real problem. It will help to share with others and to get some advice and even to hear others support you.

There is some very good advice out there and you will get that from others. The website has some start up advice and the e book has a little more detail. No suggestions will work with everyone. So pick and choose suggestions based on your specific situation. In an anonymous manner you can share ideas and get some support. Find out what tripped up students who came before you. Listen to what worked or did not work for others then decide and adapt what is suggested. Using the web site is like having a map in an unfamiliar wilderness. The folks who failed were just as smart as you are and they failed.