Dr Randy Parker

Your author has attained a doctorate, two master’s degrees and thirty hours of post master's clinical classes. He has completed classes in economics, business law, accounting and general business. He is a Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist with licenses in psychology, social work and one in long term care administration.

He has worked as a Master’s Licensed Psychologist, Manager, Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor, and Departmental Analyst. He teaches graduate and undergraduate students. Earlier in his career he was the Associate Director of a medical rehabilitation center. He has been a licensed insurance agent and a Financial Planner/ Stock Broker (Registered) and a Program Director at a state facility for people with developmental disabilities.

Very early in his career, he and his wife lived 24/7 in a group home with a number of behaviorally challenged youth offenders. He was also paid as a consultant and a trainer at this internationally known treatment site. The author was also a certified trainer in physical management techniques for assaultive clients for about 10 years.

The author has been married to the same beautiful (and patient) woman for 35 years. He has two children, two horses, a bunch of dogs and animal rescue cats.


Despite all of the accomplishments above, earning the doctoral degree was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. It nearly shattered my marriage and was comparable to a near fatal medical condition I suffered for over a year. Completing a doctoral degree is a hard road. The website and book are my attempts to help you. You are going into hell and most of you are too sure of yourselves to even realize the dangers ahead.

It took me several years longer to graduate because my first committee chair had repeated medical problems and I did not seek another committee chair. I wasted two years and everything I had written was tossed out by the next committee.

Just talking about the doctoral process makes me tense. About a year before I graduated I lost hope one night and my wife caught me trying to burn all of my computer disks, hard copies of the government database and notes. In my mind it seemed clear “burn it all and then just walk away.” I would wake up free the next morning. I had been working on the degree program for 8 years and I had given it all that I had. I simply wanted to be free of the life sucking non ending degree (LSNED). I was not thinking logically, I was just so tired. My wife (who hated the degree process with all her heart) took the materials and locked them up. I came very close to not finishing. I had reached the end of my resources and my hope.

The next day I physically shook thinking how close I had come to ending my dream and wasting all the money I had spent on tuition etc. My solution was to turn my eyes heavenward and ask God to throw me over his shoulder and carry me the last ten yards across the goal line. I swore to him I would then try to help others to make it through this hellish life sucking process (HLSP).  The last year flew by and things went much better as these techniques came to me or I heard about ideas from successful students who had graduated earlier from various colleges. I began to run into them where ever I went. The website idea was born and then the e-book, since most folks will not read an entire website. I wanted something a student could print off, carry and read when they ran into a new problem.

Talk to each other on the website and also send us your ideas! Do not disparage any institution or school employee since in today’s digital world that may come back to haunt you. I wish you the best. I hope what we have will help you. Look for other sites and people who can help you too.

Your author welcomes you,

Dr. Randy Parker

Dr Randy Parker